Benghazi Hero’s Dad Reveals Bombshell Document That Could PROVE Hillary Lied [+video]

By F. Peter Brown. New records made public indicate that Hillary Clinton said privately from the start that Benghazi was not caused by the obscure anti-Islamic film she talked about publicly.

Now, the father of a former Navy SEAL who died defending the complex has proof that Clinton lied to victims’ families in the wake of the attack.

Charles Woods, father of former Navy SEAL Ty Woods, shared with Fox News the diary notes he took after the September 14, 2012 ceremony when the bodies of the four Americans killed in the attack were flown back to the United States.

The entry reads: “I gave Hillary a hug and shook her hand. And she said we are going to have the film maker arrested who was responsible for the death of my son” . . .

Woods told Fox News: “She said — the filmmaker who was responsible for the death of your son.”

He then stated: “She wasn’t saying the failed foreign policy that I was responsible for. It wasn’t her taking the blame for it. It says we are going to place the responsibility on the death of your son on the filmmaker.” (Read more from “Benghazi Hero’s Dad Reveals Bombshell Document That Could PROVE Hillary Lied” HERE)


Mother of Benghazi Victim BLASTS Hillary Clinton on CNN

By Onan Coca. In a heart-wrenching segment on CNN Wednesday Patricia Smith, the mother of the slain Benghazi consulate employee Sean Smith, appeared on CNN’s Newsroom to discuss Hillary Clinton’s impending testimony before Congress. The first question that CNN’s Carol Costello asked set the tone of Smith’s interview. Costello wondered what Smith was hoping to hear from Clinton on Thursday.

“Answers. Why did my son die? Why did Hillary choose what she chose? How come she made such bad decisions that my son and the ambassador and the other two guys got killed? There’s a whole bunch of questions I have. I need her to make some answers.”

The interview quickly recedes downhill as Smith reveals the fact that over the last three years all she has heard from Clinton or the State Department have been lies and misinformation and she is tried of it. Smith offers her deepest condemnation of Clinton after Costello played a clip of Hillary Clinton angrily defying Congress and asking “What difference at this point does it make?” . . .

Smith’s obviously heartbroken response?

“She’s lying! She’s absolutely lying! She told me something entirely different at the casket ceremony. She said it was because of the video and that she would get back to me and tell me what happened with my son.”

(Read more from “Mother of Benghazi Victim BLASTS Hillary Clinton on CNN” HERE)

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