Do Muslim Lives Matter Most?

Last week, I wrote of the growing racial divide in America typified by the latest protest cry from African-Americans: “Black lives matter.”

Over the past seven years, President Barack Obama and other progressives inside the Democratic Party, like Rep. John Lewis (D-Ga.), have deflected blame away from the president’s failed economic programs, which have left millions of blacks poorer. They focused anger instead on white racism in America. There has been a deliberate policy by the president and Democrats to blame Republicans for race inequality in America. This has left the nation more divided than at any point since the Vietnam War . . .

Obama and Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton are willfully ignorant to the growing global struggle between Islam and the West. They and other liberals have acquiesced to a future America with the rule of law, decency and morality that may originate more from Mecca rather than from the Magna Carta.

The British story spun in 1936, which persisted until recently, was that King Edward VIII (aka the Traitor King) abdicated the British throne for his undying love of Wallis Simpson, an American divorcee. The truth unveiled from documents that are no longer classified is that Edward spied for the Third Reich and was in collusion with Adolf Hitler to regain the throne. This would explain why as ruling king, Edward was such an apologist for the Nazis.

In much the same way, Obama is the leading apologist for Islam. Islam has been so praised by Obama that I wonder if his loyalties lie more with Islam than with the United States. (Read more from “Do Muslim Lives Matter Most?” HERE)

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