Pastor Sends a Terrifying Warning to U.S. About Christian Persecution

The challenges faced by Christian Americans right now are similar to the ones faced by Jews in Nazi Germany during the 1930s, Pastor Carl Gallups said during a recent guest appearance at CTN’s “It’s Time with Herman & Sharron.”

He warned Christians to be prepared for the worst forms of persecution since the attack on America’s faith-based groups is only getting started, according to a WND report.

“This is what Americans are beginning to see,” Gallups said. “We see these similarities [with the conditions faced by the Jews in Nazi Germany]. We know that we don’t live under government decree to persecute us like other Christians do, but we see the progression, or digression.”

He mentioned the following initial signs of Christian persecution in the US: the removal of prayer from schools; the banning of Christmas and Easter events in schools; the pending gun registration and eventual confiscation; the apparent fading away of free speech where the media only tell the government’s side; and pastors becoming fearful of addressing serious moral and political issues because of government intimidation.

Gallups said dangers confront Americans all over. As an example, he cited FBI confirmation that there are Islamic State cells in all 50 states. (Read more from “Pastor Sends a Terrifying Warning to U.S. About Christian Persecution” HERE)

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