Come Get Me, Loretta

During her confirmation hearing in January, Attorney General Loretta Lynch declared that every illegal alien has “the right and the obligation to work” in this country.

Lynch displayed a callous arrogance for the most foundational principle of law enforcement, the sovereignty of this country and the protection of the American citizens. She completely disregarded federal law (8 U.S.C. § 1225), which requires ICE to place aliens who are not “clearly and beyond a doubt entitled to be admitted” to the United States into removal proceedings. It is therefore not surprising that she has recently expressed antipathy to our sacred First Amendment right to free speech.

While refusing to call San Bernardino an Islamic terror attack, Lynch promised radical supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood last week that she would bring legal action against “anti-Muslim rhetoric” that “edges toward violence.” Much like her European counterparts, Lynch is more committed to cracking down on those who express concern about the growing Islamic supremacism in this country than cracking down on the Islamic supremacists themselves, some of whom were in the very audience she addressed that night.

Well, Ms. Lynch, as someone who has been raising concerns about the growing Islamic immigration and the anti-American and anti-Semitic culture that has become ubiquitous throughout our country, you are welcome to investigate me. Come get me, Loretta!

It is downright appalling that Lynch would contrive a false narrative about a trend of hate crimes against Muslims when the reality is that Jews are the ones who are victims of the most hate crimes (whatever a hate crime means). According to the most recent FBI data, 56.8% of anti-religious hate crimes in 2014 were perpetrated against Jews, whereas Muslims accounted for just 16.1% of hate crime victims. In fact, the rate of hate crimes against Muslims in the U.S. has not increased one iota since 9/11, despite the rampant growth of Islamic terror attacks.

For Lynch to never utter a word about hate crimes against Jews yet focus on Muslims is transparently tendentious behavior on the part of the chief law enforcement officer.

And, speaking of anti-Jewish sentiment, what is behind the growing Jew hatred in the world and in America?

Last week, the Chief Rabbi of Brussels declared that there is no future for Jews in Europe. Why is that so? Undoubtedly, it is because of the suicidal immigration policies that have led to the Islamic takeover of so many European cities. Jews can no longer live safely in areas that are overrun by large Muslim populations.

America has always stood as the lone beacon of freedom, tolerance, and promise for Jews. It has stood out as the one country that is decisively and sentimentally supportive of Israel, even as the rest of the western world surreptitiously schemes against its survival. Yet, with the record Islamic immigration, that support is beginning to change, most evident on college campuses, which have become saturated with Muslim foreign students.

What is so revealing about the San Bernardino incident is not just the Islamo-Nazi views of the perpetrator, Syed Farook, but the views of his family.

In an interview with the Italian daily La Stampa, Farook’s father said that his son was “obsessed” with his hatred for Jews and Israel. So what did Papa Farook think about this?

“I told him he had to stay calm and be patient because in two years Israel will not exist any more. Geopolitics is changing: Russia, China and America don’t want Jews there any more. They are going to bring the Jews back to Ukraine. What is the point of fighting? We have already done it and we lost. Israel is not to be fought with weapons, but with politics.”

This is the type of mentality, culture, and political values we are importing to our shores through mass immigration from the Middle East. We are following in the footsteps of Europe. And remember, Papa Farook was one of the earlier Muslim immigrants and came of age before the internet and cyber jihad, and at a time when there were few Muslims in America. One can only imagine the political values of a large number of recent immigrants from the Middle East who have come here at a clip of over 100,000 per year.

What about Farook’s mother? The Daily Caller is reporting that she is a member of the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA), an Islamic supremacist group that follows the teachings of Maulana Mawdudi and the Jamaat Al-Islami of Pakistan. Maulana has said that Jews will be exterminated in the end of days.

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Sam Adams spoke before a large audience at the State House in Philadelphia urging them to fight for freedom. He predicted that “our contest is not only whether we ourselves shall be free, but whether there shall be left to mankind an asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty.”

While this rings true today for all Americans, the notion of America as the last remaining “asylum on earth for civil and religious liberty” is perhaps more poignant for Jews than for anyone else. As America faces the existential threat of Islamic fascism, all our religious and civil liberties are threatened by the importation of Sharia and its virulently anti-Jewish intolerance.

So go ahead, Ms. Lynch. Come after the millions of patriotic Americans who stand for religious liberty and will fight until the bitter end to ensure America doesn’t become as unhospitable to Jews as Europe.

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