Marines Prepare for Worst with CBRN Training Drills

Marines with 2nd Transport Support Battalion are now more capable to handle a chemical weapons attack due to their completion of a chemical, biological, radioactive and nuclear defense training exercise at Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune, Dec. 1, 2015.

During the training, Marines put into practice skills they learned in classes about an active chemical threat and the proper protective equipment to decontaminate themselves in a hazardous situation.

Practicing self-decontamination procedures is vital to mission accomplishment because exposing Marines to CBRN agents could cause serious health risks.

“These Marines can go back to their units with this information and share the knowledge they learned with their unit,” said Cpl. Tanner Watson, a CBRN training instructor. “The knowledge these Marines pass on is something that applies to everyone. That’s why the training is so necessary. It saves lives” . . .

Educating Marines on the threats and chemical hazards they may be exposed to increases their readiness and ability to operate in hazardous environments. Marines need to know not only about the threats but how their gear can be utilized to function efficiently and save lives. (Read more from “Marines Prepare for Worst with CBRN Training Drills” HERE)

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