Poll: Trump Jumps, Cruz Climbs, Carson Sinks in GOP Race

Donald Trump, a candidate even Republicans once considered a side show, increases his lead yet again in the nomination race, according to the latest Fox News national poll.

The poll also finds Ted Cruz ticking up, Marco Rubio slipping, and Ben Carson dropping.

Trump hits a high of 39 percent among Republican primary voters, up from 28 percent a month ago. The increase comes mainly from men, white evangelical Christians, and voters without a college degree — and at the expense of Carson.

However, the poll is not all good news for the Donald. Despite his increasing advantage in the primary, his support in the general election is down. More on that later . . .

Trump’s 11-point jump in support comes after his comments about stopping non-U.S. Muslims from coming into the country. (Read more from “Poll: Trump Jumps, Cruz Climbs, Carson Sinks in GOP Race” HERE)

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