Pro-Life Leaders Slam Carson After His Planned Parenthood Shooting Comments

Pro-life leaders are used to being accused of hate speech by Planned Parenthood, Hillary Clinton, and campus feminist activists. But they were surprised to hear Dr. Ben Carson seem to agree that they spewed “hateful” and “immature” rhetoric on Sunday.

When CBS moderator John Dickerson asked Dr. Carson whether Planned Parenthood was right that pro-life rhetoric had led to Friday’s shooting inside a Colorado Springs abortion facility, the doctor readily agreed. There is “no question the hateful rhetoric exacerbates the situation,” Carson said on “Face the Nation.”

Pro-life advocates quickly rebuffed the notion that they had pushed 57-year-old Robert Lewis Dear to kill three people.

“Dr. Carson is sorely misinformed,” Lauren Muzyka, the executive director of Sidewalk Advocates for Life, told LifeSiteNews.

“The only thing that’s extreme is Planned Parenthood’s desire to see abortion without restriction through all nine months of pregnancy while they capitalize off dismembering preborn children and parting them out for sale,” she said. (Read more from “Pro-Life Leaders Slam Carson After His Planned Parenthood Shooting Comments” HERE)

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