Whistleblower: My Terrorist Tracking Could Have Stopped Massacre But Deranged DHS Political Correctness Shut Me Down

Photo Credit: DonkeyHoteyPhilip Haney, one of the founding members of the original Department of Homeland Security, told Megyn Kelly last night that the terror attacks in San Bernardino could have been prevented had the federal government not shut down his tracking of Muslim radicals three years ago (see interview, “Whistleblower Says His Program Would Have Stopped Massacre,” with Megyn Kelly below).

Mr. Haney contended that the Obama Administration dismantled his surveillance because it felt he was profiling Muslims. But Mr. Haney claimed that he was instead investigating individual’s ties to Islamic radicals both in and out of the United States. He also was actively tracking people traveling to and from Islamic countries.

In a bombshell disclosure, Mr. Haney revealed that he was actively investigating an organization with ties to the mosque that shooter Syed Farook attended when the feds shut him down.

Mr. Haney notified Congress and the DHS Inspector General about how his effective program was being terminated and research deleted, but DHS quickly retaliated, pulling his duties and yanking his security clearance.

Mr. Haney contends that his program very well could have prevented the San Bernardino massacre.

Listen to the interview, “Whistleblower Says His Program Would Have Stopped Massacre,” with Megyn Kelly: