Hillary Clinton Diving Low for the UFO Vote, Claims She’ll Investigate, Solve the Mystery

Yes, in yet another Clinton scam, Hillary claims that she’ll get to the bottom of the questions regarding Area 51 and aliens. This is despite the fact that her serial sex-offender husband already had eight years to investigate the unknown with unlimited access to classified files. And he has no answers.

In an interview in 2014, Bill stated he was unclear on alien life, suggesting that he “wouldn’t be surprised” if it were proven we’d been visited by aliens. Perhaps now, sixteen years later, Hillary is convinced her keener intellectual curiosity and access to higher-tech tools will allow her to get to the bottom of the flying saucer mystery.

NOT. She’s simply following a handful of ufologist votes and the lead of Bill Clinton’s ex-chief of staff John Podesta, who now happens to be Hillary’s campaign chair.

What drives Podesta? He’s always had a fascination with ET, maybe driven by popular culture, maybe by the alien hunters who started hijacking NASA during the first Clinton administration. Podesta’s fixation with UFO’s apparently started years ago.

That begs the question of what other quirks he’ll drive Hillary to pursue if elected. Ouija Boards over national security? Séances over the national debt?

Another indicator that we can NOT survive another eight years of Clinton-crazy.

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