Zika Virus Is Spreading, How Do We Stop It?

What [do we] do about the Zika virus?

As this — another viral disease — emerges, we’re again facing down a primordial threat that reminds us we are animals in an ecosystem. It’s an ecosystem that’s changing with us and because of us. Beating back Zika will require openness to innovation in both technology and policy.

The primary mosquito species now transmitting Zika virus throughout numerous countries in the Americas, Aedes aegypti, actually evolved alongside humans to target us specifically, versus other animals.

Now it is spreading its domain, due to the warming climate and its predilection for our built-up environment. Mosquitos have already altered human history before by causing millions of deaths via the spread of yellow fever and Dengue, two viruses that are closely related to Zika . . .

While we lack definitive proof that the virus caused the severe cerebral and skull deformities these newborns are suffering with, the evidence we’ve got mandates decisive action. Doctors have found Zika virus in the amniotic fluid of affected fetuses and in the placentas and brains of miscarried fetuses with microcephaly. (Read more from “Zika Virus Is Spreading, How Do We Stop It?” HERE)

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