Dr. Alveda King: Any True Conservatives Left?

As the presidential primaries are under way, Dr. Alveda King is concerned that “conservative” voters are more caught up with personalities than they are in supporting the U.S. Constitution based on godly principles.

King asserts voters are less concerned about candidates’ stances on issues than they are about appearances.

“We are dealing with a reality show mentality,” King told OneNewsNow. “Too many people are saying ‘I like,’ rather than ‘I think;’ thus voting with emotions rather than brains.”

When asked what she believes is the most important topic to be addressed at the conservative presidential debates, the former Representative of the Georgia State House categorically replied.

“[It’s] the failure to uphold the Constitution,” King stressed to OneNewsnow. (Read more from “Dr. Alveda King: Any True Conservatives Left?” HERE)

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