Vacationer-In-Chief: Astronomical Spending for Obama Holidays

The taxpayer tab for the vacations for President Obama and his family now has surpassed $74 million, even though Obama once said a president must be prepared to give up taking vacations for the sake of the nation.

The word comes from Judicial Watch, which has been demanding public records from the government and filing lawsuits to get the information about the Obamas’ profligate spending on travel.

Judicial Watch found taxpayers have spent at least $74,124,562.48 on the family’s down times.

“Now that we’ve sued, the Secret Service has stopped ignoring our requests for details on more of the costs of Barack Obama’s luxury vacations,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said on Wednesday.

“Taxpayers, the U.S. Air Force and the Secret Service are being abused by Barack Obama, who too often treats Air Force One and his security detail like some of sort of kingly entourage. Does Barack Obama really think that over $5 million for two family vacations, which include nearly $1 million in Secret Service hotel bills for a two week Martha’s Vineyard vacation, is an appropriate use of tax dollars?” (Read more from “Vacationer-In-Chief: Astronomical Spending for Obama Holidays” HERE)

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