Explosive New Video From INSIDE LaVoy Finicum’s Truck Proves Cover-Up

(Editor’s note: the new video is below) So now we know that LaVoy Finicum was shot in the back multiple times and that the Feds lied repeatedly about not shooting at him. This explosive new video proves extreme law enforcement misconduct and suggests that Finicum was murdered in cold blood. What has our country come to?!

There are many troubling aspects about the Finicum killing. Not only did federal agents unsuccessfully try to cover up the fact that they had fired at but apparently missed Finicum, they also attempted to cover up the fact that they had shot at his truck. At yesterday’s press conference, an Oregon county sheriff showed a diagram with a bullet hole through the top of Finicum’s truck and blamed the FBI for that errant shooting:

Moreover, the coroner reported that Finicum was shot through the heart with one of the three bullets that struck him in his back, but none of the bullet holes align with Finicum’s heart. Unless, that is, the fatal shot came from a much higher altitude from, perhaps, that same federal sniper who shot a hole through the roof of Finicum’s truck.

Here’s a diagram of LaVoy Finicum’s back with the locations of the bullets’ entrance wounds, according to the Oregon coroner:

Again, the only apparent way to reconcile the diagram of the holes in Finicum’s back with the coroner’s finding that he died from a shot through the heart is to conclude that one of the entrance wounds was shot from a high angle, downward toward Finicum’s heart. And that would mean the shot likely came from one of the prepositioned federal agents who also shot through the top of Finicum’s truck.

The new video from inside the truck is also very troubling. It’s very clear that the occupants of the vehicle – including Finicum – had no violent intent. They were terrified over the fact that they posed no threat and yet were being shot at.

A supporter* commented on this video saying, “So I watched the press conference that law enforcement held where they deemed themselves justified in the homicide (medical examiner’s term, not mine) of LaVoy Finicum. There are FBI agents under investigation for lying about their part in this, but as far as I’m concerned the Oregon State Police and the FBI were in collusion together in this and are all responsible for this ambush and murder. In fact, one of the investigators who spoke stated ‘ANY PERSON IS JUSTIFIED IN USING DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE WHEN THEY REASONABLY BELIEVE THAT ANOTHER PERSON IS USING OR ABOUT TO USE UNLAWFUL DEADLY PHYSICAL FORCE.’ In my opinion, LaVoy Finicum was in fear for his life – and justifiably so since the truck had already been fired upon without provocation immediately after the truck was stopped during the initial traffic stop. The FBI lead investigator stated ‘He (LaVoy) chose to provoke a confrontation with law enforcement.’ I wholeheartedly disagree. He was trying to get to law enforcement that was not corrupt.

“When you go to work for a law enforcement agency you take an oath to the Constitution. Law enforcement officers, everywhere, need to take a good, hard look at what they are being TOLD to do…and then AGREEING to do. Every time I see these agencies covering for their fellow officers I am increasingly thankful that my husband had the courage to resign his post after seeing unethical actions and unconstitutional behavior. There is no paycheck worth trampling on the rights of others and colluding with a tyrannical government who is supposed to have limited power.”

*Bonnie Cameron