‘It’s Unstoppable’: Glenn Beck Lays out His 2016 ‘Dream Team’

Following Super Tuesday’s primary results, Glenn Beck revealed his “dream team” to beat Republican presidential contender Donald Trump.

During his radio broadcast Wednesday morning, Beck, who is a top surrogate for GOP presidential hopeful Ted Cruz, said he wants to see the Texas senator at the top of the ticket with Florida Sen. Marco Rubio (R) as vice president — a pair he described as “absolutely unstoppable.”

However, according to Beck, the two men must team up before the Florida Republican primary on March 15 if they want to successfully challenge Trump.

“Florida, they would win,” Beck said. “If it was Cruz and Marco Rubio, they would win. … But if they don’t do it before the Florida election, then we lose it to Donald Trump. And all those delegates go to Donald Trump” . . .

“How is that not a win for absolutely everyone? And that team would be unstoppable. Tweet that. Facebook that. Get that out. Demand that that’s where we go,” he said. (Read more from “‘It’s Unstoppable’: Glenn Beck Lays out His 2016 ‘Dream Team'” HERE)

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