Cruz Rolls Dice With Fiorina

24762599925_5365de5bed_bFacing a must-win situation in next week’s primary in Indiana, Ted Cruz sought to shake up the GOP presidential campaign by naming Carly Fiorina as his vice presidential candidate.

The dramatic move was teased as a big announcement Wednesday morning and dominated the news cycle a day after Donald Trump swept five Northeastern primaries and reasserted his dominance of the GOP race.

Cruz desperately needed something to change the race’s momentum, and he turned to a failed Republican presidential candidate best known for her fiery attacks on Trump and Hillary Clinton, the likely Democratic presidential nominee.

“Carly is brilliant and capable, and yet she experienced the hardscrabble world of being a female professional,” Cruz said in announcing his pick at a rally in Indianapolis, where his supporters held red, white and blue “Cruz/Fiorina ’16” signs that were handed out as Cruz spoke . . .

Fiorina took the stage in a red dress that matched Cruz’s tie and immediately showed her potential to be a strong GOP vice presidential candidate against a ticket topped by Clinton, by laying into the former secretary of State. (Read more from “Cruz Rolls Dice With Fiorina” HERE)

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