Trump Endorses Ryan After Week of Tension

Donald Trump endorsed Paul Ryan on Friday night, after refusing to back the speaker’s reelection bid earlier this week.

“This campaign is not about me or any one candidate, it’s about America,” Trump said, although he did not immediately launch into his message of support.

“I understand and embrace the wisdom of Ronald Reagan’s big tent within the party,” he continued, acknowledging that he’ll need support in the House and Senate to get his agenda accomplished if elected. “So I embrace the wisdom that my 80 percent friend is not my 20 percent enemy.”

After a few minutes, Trump then uttered the magic words: “In our shared mission to make America great again, I support and endorse our Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan.”

The mogul’s backing came at a rally in Green Bay, Wis., less than a week before Ryan faces a primary challenger whom has Trump praised, though Ryan appears to have little to worry about in the Tuesday race with businessman Paul Nehlen. (Read more from “Trump Endorses Ryan After Week of Tension” HERE)

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