Joe Miller Endorsed by Gun Owners of America

Citizens for Joe Miller Press Release
September 17, 2016, Anchorage, Alaska

Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund announced today that it has endorsed Libertarian nominee Joe Miller for United States Senate.

GOA Chairman Tim Macy said, “Gun Owners of America Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Joe Miller to represent the state of Alaska in the U.S. Senate.

“Joe Miller’s commitment to the right to keep and bear arms is unwavering. An avid gun collector, Miller understands that the framers of the Constitution viewed private ownership of firearms not merely as a hunting or sporting issue, but chiefly as a safeguard of liberty.

“Unlike other candidates in this race, Joe Miller returned his GOA Candidate Questionnaire 100% in favor of your gun rights. And I’ve learned, after more than forty years of working in politics, to be very wary of candidates who refuse to come clean on a survey.

“This is why GOA-PVF stands strongly behind Joe Miller and encourages you to vote for him on November 8.”

“This is extraordinary news,” said Miller. “Gun Owners of America is a world-class organization, and I’m proud that they’ve made the commitment to join our coalition for liberty. I look forward to standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them to protect our 2nd Amendment rights in the days ahead.”

Joe Miller is a limited government Constitutionalist who believes government exists to protect our liberties, not to take them away. He supports free people, free markets, federalism, the Constitutional right to life, the 2nd Amendment, religious liberty, American sovereignty, and a strong national defense.

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