Federal Worker Union Is Blocking Republican VA Reforms

President-elect Donald Trump promised to fire incompetent and dishonest Department of Veterans Affairs employees, but he will have to fight the American Federation of Government Employees—the largest federal worker union—every step of the way.

During the 115th Congress, Trump—along with Republican majorities in both the Senate and House of Representatives—can enact sweeping reforms to improve every department and agency in the federal workplace.

Republicans controlled the 114th Congress, too, but outgoing Democratic President Barack Obama routinely threatened to veto GOP proposals.

Trump and AFGE already share some history. When the GOP presidential candidate proposed expanding a VA program that lets veterans get private medical care, AFGE quickly blasted the idea.

“Donald Trump wants to throw veterans to the wolves. Private health care for veterans would be an expensive disaster, and no one should be fooled into believing otherwise,” said AFGE National President J. David Cox Sr. (Read more from “Federal Worker Union Is Blocking Republican va Reforms” HERE)

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