Promise Broken? Trump DOJ Continues Suit Against Religious Groups

The most absurd example of progressive pathology during Obama’s reign was arguably the legal assault on the Little Sisters of the Poor. “Jumping the shark” called, and it thinks making criminals out of chaste women because they won’t pay for other women to have recreational sex is just begging for some karmic justice.

But sadly, it may be the nuns’ turn to get kicked in the teeth once more. Because elections have consequences, or something.

According to LifeSiteNews, the Trump administration has asked the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals for 60 more days to continue the Obama administration’s bullying of religious institutions. This is after several of them, including the Little Sister of the Poor, had found at least temporary relief in multiple courts from fascism masquerading as feminism.

During the campaign, though, Trump assured such groups that to force them into providing abortifacients is “a hostility to religious liberty you will never see in a Trump administration … I will defend your religious liberties and the right to fully and freely practice your religion, as individuals, business owners and academic institutions.”

That’s the exact moral clarity the oath of office calls for, but it was lacking in federal court this week. Trump could simply have declined to enforce the illegitimate and unethical penalties leveled against acts of Christian conscience, even if it turns out he doesn’t have the energy or conviction to engage in a crusade on behalf of religious liberty. But he didn’t.

And what was the excuse, err, reason given?

Wait for it … Wait for it …

We need more bureaucracy!

Yes, this “returning the government to the people” thing from Trump’s inaugural has taken a very weird turn indeed. The Department of Justice actually said the Trump White House, which is nearing its first 100 days in office, still hasn’t had enough to time to assemble the staff necessary to determine whether or not it’s cool to force nuns to defy God.

Good grief. How many more lawyers do you need to have sufficient confidence that the Founding Fathers weren’t just spitballing when they came up with that whole First Amendment thing? Might I suggest that when the ACLU is currently suing a hospital on behalf of a man who thinks he’s a woman and is upset the hospital won’t perform a hysterectomy on him, the answer might be “zero”?

In response to this, I know some of you will find comfort in telling yourself that all this is better than Hillary, or that Trump has done some good things. Those are two things that are true, but also irrelevant to this discussion.

There are also a lot of parents who do obvious and undeniably good things for their children, like feed, clothe, and shelter them. Yet they are so derelict at providing for their spiritual needs that as soon as they go off to college, subsidized pagan brainwashing is all but assured. Proportionally speaking, providing for your children’s material needs is a necessity. But doing so at the expense of their eternal souls is an existential failure.

That’s what we are dealing with here. Trump has deregulated some things. He has had some foreign policy successes. All of which I appreciate and have noted and complimented. But he hasn’t come close to indicating that he can be, or really even wants to be, transformational in the way that Obama was. And this is what is needed to truly undo the damage Obama did. Anything short of that will be a failure for a culture on the brink, as ours is.

Perhaps no group is more responsible for Trump’s election than the devout. He owes them, well, bigly. Payback shouldn’t take 100 days, let alone another 60. That assumes Planned Parenthood apologist Ivanka, who is all but acting as First Lady, hasn’t been persuading Daddy on this issue. That could be the real reason for the delay.

How much bureaucracy does it take to stop suing nuns? If your workload is too overbearing for an under-staffed Justice Department, why not kick some feckless litigation like this to the curb and lighten the workload? How much more work does it require to file a withdrawal than to file a delay? (For more from the author of “Promise Broken? Trump DOJ Continues Suit Against Religious Groups” please click HERE)

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