U.N. Goes Orwellian: 3 Disturbing Identifiers for Mass Migration

Migration is INEVITABLE. Migration is NECESSARY. Migration is DESIRABLE.

These three sentences flash at the end of a new video released by the International Organization for Migration (IOM), a United Nations group dedicated to “promoting humane and orderly migration for the benefit of all.”

The video highlights that 244 million international immigrants, often called “refugees,” are living abroad worldwide, and cites this number as proof that “migration is inevitable, necessary, and desirable.”

The video is composed of words superimposed over scenes of migrants, consisting of rhetoric that is meant to elicit sympathy such as “undocumented, discriminated, forgotten,” as well as words meant to present the migrants positively, such as “grateful, skilled, compassionate.”

“The rise in the number of international migrants reflects the increasing importance of international migration, which has become an integral part of our economies and societies. Well-managed migration brings important benefits to countries of origin and destination, as well as to migrants and their families,” said Wu Hongbo, U.N. under-secretary-general for economic and social affairs. (Read more from “U.N. Goes Orwellian: 3 Disturbing Identifiers for Mass Migration” HERE)

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