Doctor: Playing Field Simply Not Level When ‘Trans’ Men Compete Against Women

An endocrinologist said Tuesday that biologically male athletes who compete as “women” are really “feminized males rather than true females,” despite going through medical procedures to have their testosterone levels artificially reduced.

“It’s really important to know that while hormones [certainly] play a role in athletic performance, by giving a male estrogen [a female hormone] in suppressing their normal testosterone, there are many aspects of fundamental biology that don’t change,“ said Dr. Paul Hruz, appearing on the FOX News’ “Tucker Carlson Show,” with conservative talker Laura Ingraham subbing for Carlson . . .

Ingraham introduced the topic by highlighting the case of “transgender” “woman” Jillian (formerly John) Bearden, a “male-to-female” trans athlete competing in professional women’s cycling events.

“The study of individuals that have had artificial manipulation of their hormone levels — and how that influences, long term, their performance in athletics and other areas — really is largely unknown, and that includes the imprinting that occurs at the genetic level in every cell and every tissue in the body,” Dr. Hruz said. “And many of these changes are not accounted for by the hormones alone.” (Read more from “Doctor: Playing Field Simply Not Level When ‘Trans’ Men Compete Against Women” HERE)

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