Liberals Work to Mainstream Violent Antifa Protesters

Journalists and major liberal news outlets have compared violent American flag-burning protesters to soldiers storming the beaches of Normandy — all while downplaying the leftists’ violence.

The protesters, known as antifa (short for anti-fascist), often advocate for communism and have been deemed a domestic terrorist movement by New Jersey. Persons associated with the movement have previously stabbed a police horse and beat people with bike locks.

The work to mainstream the violent leftists came as a response to President Trump saying that “both sides” were responsible for violence at a white nationalist rally over the weekend in Charlottesville, Va.

Indeed, many counter-protesters showed up with bats and maced rally-goers. Trump pointed this out Tuesday and said counter protesters were “swinging clubs” as they “came charging at, as you say, at the alt-right.”

However, the actions of the antifa in Charlottesville is supposedly comparable to fighting Nazis in World War II, according to journalists and prominent liberals. (Read more from “Liberals Work to Mainstream Violent Antifa Protesters” HERE)

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