Surprise! Conservative State Goes ‘LGBT’ on Bathrooms

Amid opposition from hundreds of businesses and moderate Republican lawmakers, a Texas measure that would restrict access to bathrooms in schools and public buildings according to the gender on a person’s government-issued ID appears to be dead, according to lawmakers.

The state Senate passed SB3 in July by a 20-10 vote, but it was never referred to the House. The House version, HB46, never made it to committee, making passage unlikely before the legislature completes its 30-day special session on Wednesday.

“The bathroom bill in this session is dead and buried with dirt over its coffin,” said Mark Jones, a political science professor at Rice University in Houston told Reuters.

Proponents of the measure, who argue open bathrooms expose women and girls to sexual assault, have hoped that passage in Texas would give momentum in other states to legislation that would protect against the movement to open restrooms according to “gender identity.”

The bill would regulate bathroom access and locker rooms for public buildings and schools based on birth certificates and other government-issued identification documents. (Read more from “Surprise! Conservative State Goes ‘LGBT’ on Bathrooms” HERE)

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