Abolitionist Gubernatorial Candidate Gains Steam With Controversial Video

A candidate for Oklahoma Governor released a controversial ad Sept. 12 criticizing the state’s pro-life regulatory efforts as tools to keep abortion legal.

Dan Fisher is running on a campaign platform to abolish abortion, restore state sovereignty, audit state agencies and limit government. He said in the video that pro-life bills passed in Oklahoma have failed to treat abortion as murder, despite the fact that most pro-life politicians claim to believe it is. He included examples of actual pro-life legislation passed in Oklahoma: a bill requiring mothers to wait 72 hours before they can kill their babies, a bill requiring mothers to kill their babies within the first 20 weeks of life, and bills requiring abortionists to offer mothers ultrasounds before their babies can be killed. He also referenced a so-called pro-life measure that has gained traction across the U.S. in recent years, which prohibits abortionists from selling the corpses of their victims but in no way prohibits them from turning their victims into corpses to begin with.

He also pointed out that many national pro-life organizations refer to Oklahoma as the most pro-life state in the union, due to its abundance of regulatory measures. “In a state that murders nearly 6,000 children every year, what does that even mean?” he asked.

Fisher also addressed the common objection that states must fight abortion within the confines of the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade decision, saying the state ought to simply ignore the Supreme Court on this issue. “The courts are often wrong,” he said, hailing as evidence the 1857 Dred Scott vs. Sandford case, in which the Supreme Court ruled that black people were not fully human and could not be afforded equal rights with white people. “They’re wrong now. They’re not God.”

Fisher is one of the first gubernatorial candidates in history to explicitly run as an abolitionist against pro-life candidates, and the video ad is the first of its kind to use thoroughgoing abolitionist rhetoric to call attention to the failed compromising strategies of the pro-life movement. “I’m not running for governor of Oklahoma as a pro-lifer,” Fisher said. “I am not running to regulate abortion. I am running to abolish it.”

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