Grandmother Holds Kidnapper at Gun Point

A pistol-packing grandmother says she kept her cool and waited for the right moment to pull her gun on a kidnapper with a knife.

“The grace of God is what saved me, and the sense to have calm, and have my weapon, ” said Diane McIntire, of Missouri.

McIntire says she pulled up in the parking lot of Southpark Mall in Moline last Sunday to buy vitamins, when a man who appeared to be waiting for a bus, suddenly appeared with a knife at the driver’s side door.

“It was a large butcher knife, I did not even see it at first, that’s how quickly he was in my space. I kicked him in his chest, pushed him back, I felt the knife cut right below my elbow,” said McIntire, a former Quad Citian who was visiting family over the weekend.

McIntire would need 24 stitches to close the wound. (Read more from “Grandmother Holds Kidnapper at Gun Point” HERE)

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