School Allows Transgender Boys to Sleep in Girls’ Dorm

A British school has changed its policies to allow biological boys to sleep in the girls’ dorms, wear skirts, and use gender neutral pronouns and girl names.

The new policies at Gordon’s School in Woking, England, lets both boys and girls use whichever bathrooms the individual feels comfortable using and dress however they see fit, according to the Times on Sunday. The school policy allows boys to wear jewelry, makeup, and sport long hair.

“Parents of pupils were surprised by how open-minded we have been. Most schools are having these issues,” said Rob Pavis, the deputy head of the school.

Students had left the institution to embrace their gender identities elsewhere because they didn’t feel comfortable doing so at the boarding school. Gordon’s School made the changes after receiving guidance from the Boarding Schools’ Association, encouraging the school to let a boy sleep in the girls’ dorm if he intends to change his gender. (Read more from “School Allows Transgender Boys to Sleep in Girls’ Dorm” HERE)

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