Plane Dangles off Cliff After Skidding off Runway

A passenger jet carrying 168 people came within meters of plunging into the sea after it skidded off an icy runway as it landed at a Turkish airport.

Panic spread through the Boeing 737-800 as it stopped at the edge of the Black Sea – with its nose dangling precariously off a cliff edge.

Luckily, flight PC8622’s wheels became stuck in icy mud as it left the runway at Trabzon Airport, which may have preventing it from entering the sea.

Pegasus Airlines confirmed in a statement there were no injuries among the 162 passengers onboard as well as two pilots and four cabin crew after they were evacuated.

Shocking footage from inside the Pegasus plane taken just moments after the crash shows passengers evacuating as women and children are heard crying out in fear. (Read more from “Plane Dangles off Cliff After Skidding off Runway” HERE)

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