Famous Atheist: Let’s Eat Human Meat

Over the weekend, famed atheist Richard Dawkins had a novel suggestion for the future: eating human meat.

Dawkins was responding to a story in the Independent which described “clean meat,” or, in other words, meat grown in laboratories made from stem cells harvested from living cattle.

Josh Tetrick, CEO of clean meat manufacturer JUST, had told CNN that the first items could be available to consumers for human consumption “before the end of 2018.” He told The Guardian that the path to public acceptance of cultured meat is obstructed by “gnarly problems, communication issues, regulatory issues.” . . .

But Dawkins envisions himself as more far-seeing than everyone else. Hence this tweet:

Dawkins is the same guy who said in 2017, “When I see cattle lorries, I think of the railway wagons to Auschwitz.” (Read more from “Famous Atheist: Let’s Eat Human Meat” please click HERE)

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