Liberals Have Only Helped Blacks Fail

Adding to the jeremiads from the phalanx of skin-color pimps and harlots is Latonia Westerfield. I happened upon an article by Westerfield titled: “Why Black People Don’t Need Jason L. Riley’s Help.” (March 25, 2015)

Westerfield, as is typical with her kind, had her Hanes, Jockey’s, Victoria Secrets’ or whatever brand of unmentionables she wears, in a Gordian knot because in her mind conservative Jason Riley, had dared impugn the citadel of skin-color identity politics. The citadel Jason had besmirched was the cathedral of “if you’re black, you’re a victim.” . . .

Westerfield wrote: “[Riley’s] words are indicative of why in 2015, race and racism are still cause for black people to fill the streets in protest with their hands raised in the air, demanding that their lives be seen as valuable. This is because Riley’s book doesn’t say anything new, in terms of understanding and dealing with issues in black communities, but rather presents the same old argument that dates back to slave auctions—black culture and, by extension blackness is inherently defective, “’if the rise of other groups is any indication, black social and economic problems are less about politics than they are about culture.”’

If black lives mattered to liberals, 17.3 million black women wouldn’t have paid the progeny of Margaret Sanger’s “Negro Project” to murder their babies. If black lives mattered and liberal progressive policies actually helped – between 1976 and 2011, 94 percent of all blacks killed, wouldn’t have been killed by other black people.

Without going into the rest of Westerfield’s maudlin essay, her response validates what I have been saying all of my adult life, i.e., blacks are inculcated from cradle to grave to embrace being victims based upon color of skin. To her kind there is nothing as insufferable as a “black” person who isn’t a victim and who doesn’t harbor deep-seated antipathy against America, (read: white people). (Read more from “Liberals Have Only Helped Blacks Fail” HERE)

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