White House Bans CNN Reporter From Press Event – Here’s Why

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders responded in a statement Wednesday evening.

“At the conclusion of a press event in the Oval Office a reporter shouted questions and refused to leave despite repeatedly being asked to do so,” Sanders said. “Subsequently, our staff informed her she was not welcome to participate in the next event, but made clear that any other journalist from her network could attend.” . . .

Collins was serving as the pool reporter that day, a role that reporters from major networks take turns doing, during a meeting between Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission. She shouted some questions along with other members of the press following the photo-op.

“Did Michael Cohen betray you, Mr. President?” Kaitlan Collins asked, repeated the question, and then asked “Mr. President, are you worried about what Michael Cohen is about to say to the prosecutors? Are you worried about what is on the other tapes, Mr. President?” . . .

[Prior to the next press event:]

“They said ‘You are dis-invited from the press availability in the Rose Garden today,'” Collins said. “They said that the questions I asked were inappropriate for that venue. And they said I was shouting.” (Read more from “White House Bans CNN Reporter From Press Event – Here’s Why” HERE)

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