Desperation: Ludicrous Tactics of Kavanaugh Opponents Sink to New, Hilarious Low

Read on for the baseball-related punchline, but first consider the shambolic state in which the Kavanaugh resistance finds itself a few weeks prior to his scheduled Senate hearings. Two major newspapers reviewed the available evidence, quizzed their sources, and reached nearly identical verdicts over the weekend: The organized Left’s opposition to Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is flagging, unfocused, and perfunctory — and even some the activists and partisans who’ve set out to derail his confirmation are privately conceding that their efforts will likely prove futile. The Washington Post reports that internecine blame games are already underway, as liberal activists grapple with the realities that are starting to set in. If you’re passionately anti-Kavanaugh, every line of this lede is pretty bleak:

Democrats have all but acknowledged that they are unable to stop the Senate from confirming Trump nominee Brett M. Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court this fall. Moderate Republican senators such as Susan Collins of Maine, the most closely watched GOP swing vote, are sending strong signals that they will back Kavanaugh. Several Democrats facing difficult reelections this year have indicated they are open to voting for the judge. And leaders of the resistance are already delivering post-mortem assessments and blaming fellow Democrats for a looming failure. Barring a major revelation, the Senate is poised to install the 53-year-old Kavanaugh on the high court and take the next step toward fulfilling President Trump’s pledge to remake the Supreme Court — and the wider federal judiciary, potentially for decades.

The piece tracks GOP moderate Sen. Susan Collins’ apparent journey toward a ‘yes’ vote, noting that she’s voted to confirm every single SCOTUS pick to make it to a floor vote during her tenure in office, regardless of the president’s partisan affiliation. It quotes Chuck Schumer lamenting the difficult dynamics of the fight (“we always maintained it was an uphill fight”) and defending his decision not to pressure his caucus by intensely whipping votes against Kavanaugh (“punishment is not how this place works”). And it chronicles the frustration of activists who stew over what they see as Democrats’ lack of resolve: Schumer “speaks and acts in contradictions,” one complains. Brian Fallon, a spokesman for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign, also blasts Senate Democrats for determining “out of the gate that this was an unwinnable fight.” Fallon has been reduced to impotent, furious pronouncements on Twitter:

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