Here Are Horrifying Things the Media’s Not Showing You From Inside the New Mexico Terrorist Compound

New evidence revealed in a court filing on Friday further suggests that the five adults arrested earlier this month on charges of child abuse at a rural New Mexico compound were running a terrorist training camp. Those arrested include Siraj Ibn Wahhaj, his sisters Hujrah Wahhaj and Subhannah Wahhaj, Subhannah’s husband, Lucas Allen Morton, and a women an FBI agent involved in the case identified as Wahhaj’s “Islamic wife,” Jany Leveille. . .

Tweeting its article under the caption “New Mexico compound family struggled with life off the grid,” CNN linked to its sympathetic profile of the Wahhaj family living in the rural southwest. Rather than detail the circumstances surrounding the raid and the arrests of the siblings and their spouses, CNN instead painted a touching portrait of the parental figures. . .

An FBI agent testified that two of the malnurished children said “they had been trained in advanced firearms handling and had been instructed to shoot law enforcement personnel when the time came and that they would be instructed in the future to attack specific targets such as teachers, schools, banks, and other ‘corrupt institutions.’”

In his motion, the prosecutor stressed that the defendants possessed an arsenal of weapons. He included evidence from a neighbor stating that the group used the shooting range on the compound excessively. Add to that the seizure of a DVD that describes how to build an “untraceable assault rifle” at home and a book on the psychology of combat, and the picture of a group bent on a terrorist attack forms more clearly.

There is more: The prosecutor presented to the trial court a letter Morton delivered to Muhammad, Siraj Ibn Wahhaj’s brother. That letter encouraged Muhammad to follow Allah “until he makes you die as a martyr as you wanted and the only way is by joining the righteous (us).” The letter added that Muhammad should “take all your money out [of] the bank and bring you guns,” showing the Wahhajs intended to grow their fighting force beyond the 16 residents of the compound. (Read more from “Here Are Horrifying Things the Media’s Not Showing You From Inside the New Mexico Terrorist Compound” HERE)

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