The Oligarchs’ War Against the People Goes Into Hyper Drive With Manafort, Cohen Convictions, Hunter Indictment

As of yesterday, no reasonable person should remain convinced that the People control America. Three different activists were the targets of severe legal persecution solely because of their support for President Trump.

One of three – the President’s ex-campaign chair, Paul Manafort – was convicted of a series of felonies that amount to child’s play compared to the sins of the insider-trading-bastards who fill the halls of Congress. What gives? He dared help elect a populist to the presidency.

Also yesterday, Trump’s personal attorney, Michael Cohen, copped a plea to a series of felonies. He “confessed” – under threat of extensive jail time – that he conspired to assist then-candidate Donald Trump in committing criminal campaign finance violations. Of course, the pay-offs he pled guilty to were nothing close to the criminal actions of the Establishment in numerous US elections, including mine in Alaska where federal contractors actually used millions of federal dollars to actively campaign against me and reelect (by fraud) one of the Establishment’s favorite senators, Lisa Murkowski. In fact, numerous felonies were committed for Murkowski to retain her seat in the Senate. But, as we all know, normally only those who fight for the People get prosecuted.

And just when you thought yesterday’s news couldn’t get any worse, the MSM blasts out the indictment of Duncan Hunter. Hunter, one of the first Congressmen to endorse candidate Trump, was not-so-surprisingly also indicted for campaign finance violations. The Congressman – probably the poorest member of Congress and certainly one of the more outspoken ones – supposedly used campaign donations to pay his personal expenses, according to a federal informant. He may end up joining Congressman Steve Stockman later this year in the federal pen. Steve was convicted of similar violations after he spoke out against Obama and then had the nerve(!) to run against Establishment-pawn John Cornyn in Texas.

We the People must wake up to what’s going on in America. From shutting down our speech on social media, to prosecuting those of us who’d dare help elect someone who confronts the oligarchs, the pattern is undeniable: do anything to restore liberty and prepare to be squashed.

And never forget: the People do not control their government. Call it the Oligarchs, the Deep State, the Establishment, or whatever, it’s something other than us. It’s time to wake up and prepare to defend your liberties.