Who Did You Vote For in Alaska Tuesday?

I experienced firsthand the consequences of Alaska’s fraud-laced election system in 2010. Dozens of volunteers discovered (and signed affidavits attesting to) widespread vote fraud during the so-called recount in Juneau. Frankly, our voting system is one of the worst in the nation, a flat-out embarrassment to our great state.

Regrettably, vote integrity can only be restored through either the concerted effort of the legislature or the unwavering commitment of a strong lieutenant governor. One candidate for lieutenant governor has demonstrated that he has no interest in curing Alaska’s corrupt voting system. That candidate – Kevin Meyer – has been part of the Republican establishment for years and participated in the white-washed legislative hearings in 2010 regarding voting problems. He has historically done nothing to cure the voting issues in Alaska. Because of that, I recommend strongly against any vote for Kevin Meyer.

With respect to governor, there appears to be only one conservative choice this election: Mike Dunleavy. Although some voters have expressed concern with the executive abilities of Senator Dunleavy versus his opponent, Mead Treadwell, Treadwell’s past commitment to the destructive establishment-wing of the GOP cannot be understated. The primary evidence of this? He has always been a strong supporter of Alaska’s pro-abortion senator, Lisa Murkowski. Senator Dunleavy, on the other hand, was a financial supporter of Citizens for Joe Miller, and has since committed to me to be an unequivocally pro-life, pro-PFD, pro-gun, liberty-minded governor.

Yes, voting in Alaska has lost much of its allure as the dirty trappings of corruption have been revealed over recent elections. Watching my races – or the legislative race this past election where a judge found fraud – many people have lost faith in Alaska’s elections. Nevertheless, Kathleen and I choose to continue to vote, trust in God, and keep our powder dry.