Avenatti Blindsided After Playboy Playmate Flips Script, Presses Lawsuit Against Him

. . .The crux of the dispute between Avenatti/Daniels and Cohen/Trump is a nondisclosure agreement and “hush money” reached between Daniels — real name Stephanie Clifford — and Cohen regarding an alleged affair between Daniels and Trump many years ago, an NDA Daniels is now seeking to extricate herself from.

But now it appears that there is a wholly separate, if strikingly similar, NDA issue that Avenatti was involved in. And this particular legal dispute may not come out in his favor, according to The Daily Caller.

A judge in California’s Los Angeles Superior Court has ruled that part of a lawsuit filed against Avenatti by former Playboy Playmate Shera Béchard may proceed, rejecting Avenatti’s bid to dismiss the suit in its entirety.

Avenatti became the subject of that suit after he allegedly revealed the existence of an NDA and hush money settlement reached between Béchard and prominent Republican fundraiser Eliot Briody, who’d wanted to keep their illicit affair a secret.

Béchard had hired attorney Keith Davidson to represent her interests in setting up the NDA over the affair. Davidson had, in turn, allegedly enlisted the aid of his attorney acquaintance Michael Cohen — yes, the same Cohen — to approach Briody and represent him in the matter. (Read more from “Avenatti Blindsided After Playboy Playmate Flips Script, Presses Lawsuit Against Him” HERE)

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