Fired Justice Department Employee Sets up Gofundme

A Department of Justice employee who helped orchestrate a protest against Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen has been fired and is now asking supporters to donate money for her living expenses and legal fees for a potential lawsuit.

Allison Hrabar’s background was first reported by The Daily Caller News Foundation following an incident where she and other activists chased Nielsen out of a restaurant in June. After the incident, Hrabar told a Washington Examiner reporter that she worked for the federal government and was protected by the First Amendment.

“We aren’t the only ones who can do this. Anyone who sees Kirstjen Nielsen at dinner, anyone who sees anyone who works at DHS and [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] at dinner can confront them like this, and that’s what we hope this will inspire people to do,” Hrabar said at the time.

The Justice Department did not renew Hrabar’s contract Monday following evidence — some of which was discovered by TheDCNF — that she was organizing protests for the Washington, D.C., chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America during her time at work as a paralegal for the DOJ. . .

“When I got to work on September 24, I was met at the door by security and forced to pack up my office. I was told, again, that this was merely a non-renewal of my term,” she added. “I don’t regret standing up for immigrants unable to advocate for themselves. My only concern is that the Assistant Attorney General’s decision to force me out of a job has left me without insurance to cover my high medical costs, and without an income to cover the legal fees needed to fight back.” (Read more from “Fired Justice Department Employee Sets up Gofundme” HERE)

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