Mueller Investigators ‘Don’t Have Jack!’

Rush Limbaugh Tuesday challenged someone, anyone, to tell him what President Trump is being investigated for by the team of mostly Democrats in special counsel Robert Mueller’s tax-paid office. . .

“They don’t have jack!

“But stop and think. We don’t even. … There isn’t even an answer to a simple question: What is Trump being investigated for? Don’t tell me, ‘He’s being investigated for colluding with Russia,’ because he’s not. They’re hoping to find evidence of that, but they haven’t been able to because it didn’t happen! There is no crime Donald Trump is alleged to have committed here!”

The talk-radio icon explained: “The more this goes on, the more we lose sight of the real abomination that all of this is. This entire investigation that Mueller is conducting is bogus. It is predicated on nothing but a made-up allegation for which no evidence has ever been found or cited, and therefore the investigation should never have begun! If you ask me, we’re now two years into this investigation with Mueller’s phase of it at a year and a half or close to it — 16 months, something like that.

“It is simply unacceptable. It ought not be tolerated that a 16-month investigation that itself is the result of the Obama DOJ and FBI planting evidence and creating false claims about people… We don’t know what this about! What crimes is Donald Trump under investigation for committing? Can somebody tell me? What is the crime Trump’s being investigated for committing? There isn’t one, folks. There is no crime that has been mentioned as the reason for any of this investigation, even that which preceded Mueller starting.” (Read more from “Mueller Investigators ‘Don’t Have Jack!'” HERE)

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