Pastor of Chicago’s First ‘Gay’ Catholic Parish Was Found Dead Attached to ‘Sex Machine’

The last pastor of Chicago’s first officially “gay parish,” Fr. Daniel Montalbano was found dead in his rectory bedroom hooked up to a “sex machine” in 1997, according to the pastor of Montalbano’s second parish in a recent video interview.

According to Fr. Paul Kalchik, the recently-removed pastor of Montalbano’s second parish, Resurrection, Montalbano’s room in Resurrection’s rectory had body-sized mirrors lining one of the walls, and two closets full of homosexual porn materials, which had to be carted out along with the sex machine and destroyed following the discovery of Montalbano’s body.

Fr. Montalbano had been the pastor of the “gay friendly” St. Sebastian parish until 1990, after a fire destroyed part of the interior the year before, leading to a permanent closing of the parish. The priest was then transferred to Resurrection parish. Two different homosexualist groups, Dignity Chicago and the Archdiocesan Gay and Lesbian Outreach of Chicago (AGLO), had used St. Sebastian parish for their meetings and activities with the blessing of Cardinal Joseph Bernardin.

Montalbano was himself a “practicing” homosexual, according to Fr. Kalchik, and had hung a flag with the rainbow “gay pride” colors and a cross superimposed on it in the sanctuary during the Mass after he had first moved to Resurrection in 1991. The flag appears to have been taken from St. Sebastian parish, where it had been used by the LGBT groups there.

Fr. Kalchik made the remarks in an interview with Michael Voris of Church Militant published on September 26, following the priest’s expulsion from Resurrection parish in apparent retaliation for burning the LGBT flag, an act which Cupich had ordered Kalchik to cancel. (Read more from “Pastor of Chicago’s First ‘Gay’ Catholic Parish Was Found Dead Attached to ‘Sex Machine’” HERE)

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