Cory Booker Admits Something Shocking About the Accusations Against Kavanaugh

In a bizarre statement Tuesday, Senator Cory Booker (D-N.J.) appeared to state that it didn’t really matter to Democrats if Brett Kavanaugh were guilty or innocent. . .

Booker said in a statement to the media Tuesday that it didn’t matter whether Kavanaugh was guilty or innocent because he has shown himself to not be worthy of the “sacred institution” of the Supreme Court.

“So my hope that beyond the vicious partisan rancor that is going on,” Booker said, “beyond the accusations, we don’t lose sight of what this moral moment is about in this country and ultimately ask ourselves the question is this the right person to sit on the highest court in the land for a lifetime appointment.”

“When their credibility has been challenged by intimates, people who knew the candidate well as a classmate,” he continued. “When his temperament has been revealed in an emotional moment where he used language that frankly shocked a lot of us.”

Booker referred to the statement Kavanaugh made in defense of his character where he said that the false allegations were revenge for his role in the Ken Starr probe that led to Bill Clinton’s impeachment.

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