Shirtless Alaska Airlines Passenger Restrained, Forcefully Removed From Flight

A disruptive passenger on an Alaska Airlines flight from Oahu, Hawaii to San Francisco was arrested and removed from the plane by multiple police officers on Thursday, September 27.

According to Lindsey Babb, another passenger on the plane, the man removed from the flight had been in the bathroom for 30 minutes and refused to come out. When police arrived, the passenger started yelling and resisting arrest.

In a video Babb recorded and shared, the man is seen without his shirt yelling at police officers as they try to drag him from his seat. At one point he yells “don’t arrest me” while they hold him down and try to restrain him. Babb reported that five police officers boarded the plane to deal with the unruly passenger. . .

“On 9/27 on Flight 710 (HNL/SFO) prior to departure, a guest entered the bathroom and would not come out. The safety of our guests and crew is our top priority. The flight crew contacted law enforcement to remove the passenger. The flight departed about two hours late. We sincerely apologize to our guests for the inconvenience,” [an Alaska Airlines] statement read. (Read more from “Shirtless Alaska Airlines Passenger Restrained, Forcefully Removed From Flight” HERE)

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