Republican Activists Claim 15 Ballot Box Tags as Proof of Florida Election Fraud

Bikers for Trump leader Chris Cox bustled through the throng of protesters at the Broward County elections office at the heart of the Florida recount fandango, drawing attention to colored zip-tie tags found on the ground near the building’s loading dock.

Mr. Cox and a crowd of Republican activists are convinced that the 15 red and orange tags were cut off ballot boxes before the votes reached the election office, which could be a violation of state law, evidence of vote tampering or nothing at all.

“This election is a fraud,” Mr. Cox said in a video of the scene posted on Facebook. “It’s pretty disgusting here. I’m glad that you’re not here because this isn’t anything you want to see.”

In Palm Beach, state Democratic Party officials on Wednesday called another in a series of conferences to accuse Republicans of sabotaging the vote count with phony fraud allegations. . .

The Florida recount, with Republican candidates leading close senatorial and gubernatorial races, has spawned an electoral free-for-all of political activists, partisan lawyers and party honchos angling for an advantage. (Read more from “Republican Activists Claim 15 Ballot Box Tags as Proof of Florida Election Fraud” HERE)

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