Middle Schooler Arrested for Having Too Many Absences

A junior high student in Oklahoma was put in handcuffs and taken to an intervention center… because the school believed he had missed too many days of class.

The student’s mother is outraged, but the Muskogee Public School system says it’s all perfectly legal. . .

Stephanie – who doesn’t want to use her last name – says she’s upset her son, a student at Alice Robertson Junior High, was treated like a criminal. . .

And taken to the community intervention center – or CIC – located behind the Muskogee County Jail Wednesday for missing too many days of school.

Muskogee Public Schools says they can’t comment on specific cases, but Braun says on the fifth absence, a citation is issued and parents must sign, which he says they typically do. (Read more from “Middle Schooler Arrested for Having Too Many Absences” HERE)

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