College Forced to Investigate After Church of Scientology Allegedly Forges Letter From Professor

The University of Southern California has been forced to open an investigation after discovering that the Church of Scientology may have forged a letter from one of its professors, begging Disney Corporation CEO Bob Iger to censor Leah Remini’s Scientology expose series, “Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath.”

The Church of Scientology has allegedly been recruiting a group of “interfaith leaders” to challenge the show, which the Church contends violates their right to free exercise of religion. The interfaith group, which includes members of the Scientology-aligned Los Angeles Faith Coalition of California, has held a number of press availabilities and protests in both Florida and California in an effort to put direct pressure on Disney to drop Remini’s program.

In one recent incident, documented by journalist and Scientology critic Tony Ortega, a dozen or so members of the group gathered across the street from the entrance to Disney Studios and sang, “It’s a Small World.” The protest does not appear to have had the desired impact.

USC Fellow Dr. Cecil “Chip” Murray — a longtime friend of the Church of Scientology — appears to be a key member of this “interfaith coalition,” and, according to a Scientology press release issued recently, authored a very terse and demanding letter to Iger, on USC letterhead, about Remini’s program, alleging that Disney is “complicit” in “violence” that has come about as a result of Remini’s investigations, and accusing Disney of “inciting hatred” against religion.

The full text of the letter is available here on Ortega’s website or through Scientology’s press releases. Scientology reportedly presented the letter to someone at Disney during their “Small World” protest. (Read more from “College Forced to Investigate After Church of Scientology Allegedly Forges Letter From Professor” HERE)

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