Former Air Force Officer Accused Of Being Iran Spy, Charged With Espionage

By Daily Wire. On Wednesday, former Air Force intelligence office Monica Witt was charged with espionage for allegedly defecting to Iran and helping create a cyber-spying operation which targeted her former colleagues.

CBS News reports that Witt is accused of defecting to Iran in 2013 and sharing highly-classified U.S. intelligence about a classified Department of Defense program. Authorities claim Witt collaborated with the elite Iranian military unit, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

The FBI’s wanted listing says that Witt was indicted by a grand jury on February 8, and charged with “Conspiracy to Deliver National Defense Information to Representatives of a Foreign Government and Delivering National Defense Information to Representatives of a Foreign Government.”

“Monica Witt is charged with revealing to the Iranian regime a highly classified intelligence program and the identity of a U.S. Intelligence Officer, all in violation of the law, her solemn oath to protect and defend our country, and the bounds of human decency,” assistant attorney general John Demers wrote in a statement.

Witt, 39, had high-level security clearances and was in the Air Force from 1997 to 2008, then became a Defense Department contractor until 2010. She also reportedly went abroad several times on counterintelligence missions. (Read more from “Former Air Force Officer Accused of Giving Information to Iran, Charged With Espionage” HERE)


Former Air Force Officer Charged With Espionage, Accused of Helping Iran

By CBS News. The Department of Justice charged former U.S. Air Force special agent and counterintelligence specialist Monica Witt with espionage, accusing her of defecting to Iran in 2013 and revealing highly-classified U.S. intelligence to the government in Tehran.

In a grand jury indictment unsealed Wednesday, prosecutors said Witt, 39, provided the Iranian government information about a classified Defense Department program and helped Tehran’s intelligence services target her former colleagues in the U.S. intelligence community. According to authorities, Witt collaborated with Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, an elite military unit charged with exerting Tehran’s influence around the world.

“[Witt] appears to have switched her allegiance to thinking that the United States, where she was born and raised and worked, was not where her allegiance was anymore,” assistant attorney general John Demers told CBS News Wednesday. Witt’s actions, the FBI said, put the life of the officer whose identity she revealed at risk.

The government issued an arrest warrant for Witt, who remains at large. U.S. officials believe she is still in Iran. (Read more from “Former Air Force Officer Charged With Espionage, Accused of Helping Iran” HERE)

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