Oh, so Beto O’Rourke Is Coming Around to Border Walls Now?

Former Texas Congressman Beto (Bob) O’Rourke is mulling a presidential run. Yes, he lost to Republican Ted Cruz in the 2018 Senate election, but many within Democratic circles are seeing this performance in the deep red state as a sign of hope that the party could flip the state someday. He’s also considered a rising star. He’s still a dweeb, but Democrats like him, so let’s just let them have their fun. One of Beto’s war cries as of late has been being against Donald Trump’s border wall, which apparently ends lives, or something. Beto made these remarks last week during a rally that was held a quarter-mile from the president’s event. He also spoke to supporters through a fence, which makes this all the more ironic. Yet, let’s get to the heart of the issue here, Beto might be backtracking on the wall. Yeah, he thinks there should be barriers along some parts the border. Yeah, CNN found a nut with this story:

O’Rourke has blasted President Donald Trump’s push for a border wall in recent weeks, and last week said he wants to see the border separating El Paso from Juárez torn down.

But asked Tuesday whether that means he wants fencing along the entire US-Mexico border removed, O’Rourke said, “I think there is a role for physical barriers in some places.”

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