Poll Reveals How Americans Felt About Trump’s SOTU; Trump STUNS With Hardcore Pro-Life Stance

By Breitbart. A CBS News poll shows 72 percent of speech watchers said they approved of President Donald Trump’s immigration ideas presented during Tuesday evening’s State of the Union address, while 76 percent approved of his remarks overall.

In a snap poll conducted by CNN, 76 percent of speech viewers said they feel positive about the address. According to CNN analyst David Chalian, 59 percent believed the speech was very positive, while 17 percent said it was somewhat positive.

23 percent of viewers called it negative.

Trump delivered the belated annual address before a joint session of Congress in the House chamber, as he called on lawmakers to approve his “commonsense” proposal for an expanded physical border at the U.S.-Mexico border that was at the center of the government shutdown that pushed the address back a week. (Read more from “Poll Reveals How Americans Felt About Trump’s SOTU – Dems Will Hate This” HERE)


Donald Trump Slams Northam’s Nasty Abortion Comments at SOTU

By Breitbart. President Donald Trump slammed Virginia Democrat Gov. Ralph Northam’s comments on late-term abortion in front of several conservative leaders at a State of the Union preview meeting Monday evening, according to a Tuesday report.

Politico reported that Trump spoke for five minutes with conservative leaders— including pro-life advocates Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins and Susan B. Anthony List’s Marjorie Dannenfelser— about how it was outrageous that public officials were thinking about including newborn babies in discussions about allowing late-term abortions.

In his comments, Trump referenced Northam’s remarks about “nonviable” newborn babies.

“When we talk about third-trimester abortions, these are done with the consent of obviously the mother, with the consent of the physician—more than one physician, by the way—and it’s done in cases where there may be severe deformities,” Northam said in a Wednesday radio interview with WTOP. “There may be a fetus that’s non-viable.”

According to Politico, attendees left thinking the president viewed Northam’s inflammatory statements on the same level as murder. (Read more from “Donald Trump Slams Northam’s Nasty Abortion Comments at SOTU” HERE)


SOTU: Trump Recognizes Redding Family of Couple Slain in Nevada, Vows to Get Border Wall Built

By Reno Gazette Journal. About 40 minutes into his address, President Trump recognized the Redding family of a Nevada couple who were killed by a man who was in the United States illegally . . .

“Few can understand your pain,” said the president, speaking to the family as they stood and Debra wiped away tears.

“Thank you for being here. I will never forget and I will fight for the memory of Gerald and Sharon that it should never happen again. Not one more American life should be lost because our nation failed to control its very dangerous border,” said Trump. . .

Trump in his address vowed he would get a wall built on the southern border of the country. . .

“In the past, most of us, the people in this room, voted for a wall. But the proper wall never got built. I will get it built,” he said to applause in the House chamber. (Read more from “SOTU: Trump Recognizes Redding Family of Couple Slain in Nevada, Vows to Get Border Wall Built” HERE)

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