Trump to Announce Plan Stop HIV Transmission in U.S. At State of the Union

By Daily Wire. During Tuesday’s State of the Union address, President Trump is expected to announce a plan to end the spread of HIV by 2030.

POLITICO reported that four individuals “with knowledge of the planned remarks” said that Trump plans to address the HIV epidemic, though the speech is still not finalized.

“Under Trump’s HIV strategy, health officials would spend the first five years focusing on communities across roughly 20 states where the most HIV infections occur,” POLITICO reports. “The ultimate goal is to stop new infections over a 10-year period, said two officials, with some parallels to how the Trump administration is targeting the opioid epidemic.”

One of the biggest influencers of Trump’s decision is reportedly AIDS researcher Robert Redfield, who became the director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in March of last year. . .

Carl E. Schmid II, the deputy executive director of the AIDS institute, reportedly welcomed the plan and called it “very bold,” and said it “could be one of his [Trump’s] greatest achievements.” (Read more from “Trump to Announce Plan Stop HIV Transmission in U.S. At State of the Union” HERE)


Trump’s State of the Union Pledge: Ending HIV Transmissions by 2030

By Politico. President Donald Trump plans to use Tuesday night’s State of the Union address to promise an end to the HIV epidemic in America, four individuals with knowledge of the planned remarks told POLITICO.

Under Trump’s 10-year strategy, health officials would target the U.S. communities with the most HIV infections and work to reduce transmissions by 2030. The strategy has been championed by top health officials, including HHS Secretary Alex Azar and CDC Director Robert Redfield.

While Trump’s plans for the address remain fluid — and one official cautioned that the speech is not finalized — HHS has pressed the White House to ensure the HIV strategy is highlighted on Tuesday night, said two individuals. The agency is also planning a broader rollout this week.

An HHS spokesperson referred questions to the White House. A White House spokesperson declined to comment. (Read more from “Trump’s State of the Union Pledge: Ending HIV Transmissions by 2030” HERE)

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