Beto 0’Rourke Attacks Israeli Prime Minister

Speaking at Keene State College in New Hampshire on Wednesday, former Congressman Beto O’Rourke slammed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, saying he “openly sided with racists,” while characterizing Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas, whose organization pays hundreds of thousands of dollars to Palestinian terrorists who murder Israelis, as “ineffectual.”

Questioned about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, O’Rourke stated, “right now we don’t have the best negotiating partners on either side: we have a prime minister in Israel who has openly sided with racists — who, in a previous election, warned that the Arabs were coming to the polls — and on the Palestinian side, you have an ineffectual leader, in Mahmoud Abbas, who has not been very effective in bringing his side to the table either.”

When he was queried about accepting money from pro-Israeli lobbyists in his failed campaign for the U.S. Senate in 2018, O’Rourke stated, “If you’re asking if the contributions I accept connect to the policies I support, the answer is no. He asserted, “I believe in peace and dignity and full human rights for the Palestinian people and the Israeli people. The only way to achieve that … is a two-state solution.”

O’Rourke, while in Congress strongly supported the Iran nuclear deal that posed a existential threat to the state of Israel tweeting, “Although the Iran Deal is not perfection, it is a critical international effort to ensure Iran doesn’t acquire nuclear weapons. The United States of America should not be giving up on diplomacy.”

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