Elizabeth Warren Finds an Unlikely Ally in Ted Cruz

One of Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s (D-MA) main talking points over the last few weeks has been about the monopoly technology websites, like Facebook, Google and Amazon have. In her mind, it sets a dangerous precedent for censoring public debate.

Recently, Warren’s presidential campaign had ads on Facebook talking about her stance on breaking up big tech monopolies, and in particular, Facebook (yes, it is ironic). The social media giant responded by pulling the ads. Eventually, the ads were restored but the whole debacle proves Warren’s point.

For years, conservatives have said that our speech is being stifled. They’ve “shadow banned” us to keep us from making our voices heard, all in hopes of permanently silencing us. People who disagree or call out big tech are often suspended from the website or their interactions/mentions are limited. Think of how many people have been banned from Twitter, YouTube and Facebook alone. Alex Jones. Laura Loomer. Jacob Wohl. Whether or not you agree with their politics, positions or statements, one thing is for sure: they’ve been silenced for not agreeing with the company’s leadership.

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