Pastor Mentions ‘Right to Life’ in Prayer Devotion, Gets Banned From Senate

Rev. Rosaire Bisson is the assistant pastor at Christ Community Alliance Church in Barre, Vermont. He also gives devotions before the Vermont Senate as many local religious leaders have done. According to, Bisson spoke about “everyone’s right to life” in January, just a week before the State House held a public hearing on Vermont’s expansive abortion bill H.57 (which passed in the House and is now in the Senate). Because what he said was deemed to be controversial and political by several senators, Bisson was banned from giving devotions for a full year. . .

He went on to say that the “key purposes of government include the protection, promotion and provision of human life, especially its most vulnerable.”

Bisson, by standing up for the God-given right to life — because our rights are given to us from God, not from the government — is now forbidden to offer devotions in the Vermont Senate. Time will tell if he is actually invited back or not. (Read more from “Pastor Mentions ‘Right to Life’ in Prayer Devotion, Gets Banned From Senate” HERE)

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